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10 Gifts for the Farmer or Rancher

As you work through your Christmas list, you sometimes know exactly what to buy someone and sometimes you don’t. Maybe it’s because they have everything, or maybe it’s because they won’t ever tell you what they want. Whatever the reason is, we’re here to offer some suggestions as you shop for the farmers and ranchers on your Christmas list this year.

The last day to order for guaranteed delivery by Christmas is December 19, so get to shopping! 

1. Commodity Collection T-Shirts
Offering options with cattle, corn, cotton, peanut, rice, soybean, or tobacco in a variety of colors, our Commodity Collection t-shirts are sure to be a gift your farmer will love. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2CyK179
Cotton Country turnrows apparel t-shirt

2. Farm Hard Patch Hat
The hard-working farmer on your Christmas list will love our mesh back ‘Farm Hard’ hat available in four colors. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2PZK5EI

3. Certified Seed
Available in short sleeve and long sleeve in Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee varieties, our Certified Seed tees will be a favorite for any row crop farmer. Click here to shop the long sleeve: http://bit.ly/2PXiuUI
Click here to shop the short sleeve: http://bit.ly/2KIHv0d

4. Fishing Button Downs
Whether he’s out on the farm working or taking a little time to fish with family or friends, our Fishing Button Down with a vented back will become a new go-to if you give this to the farmer on your Christmas list. Four colors available. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2KIHA41

5. God Made a Farmer
"And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So, God made a farmer." This long sleeve tee has been a favorite among all farmers and ranchers this fall! Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2KBSVCN

6. Where the Herd is
They say home is where the heart is, but we actually believe that home is where the HERD is. This long sleeve tee will keep you warm on the chilly fall and winter days and show your love for your home and your herd. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2KB3vtx

7. Siro Henley
Trust us when we say farmers and ranchers on your Christmas list are going to love our Siro Henley shirt! It can be worn alone or layered, which makes it a great option for fall and winter. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2KBCmXy

8. Walter
Whether they are out working on the farm, on a hunting trip, or out on the farm, this long-sleeve comfy terry pullover will be perfect! Available in two colors. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2KEumVJ

9. Wilson Thermal
Our Wilson Thermal is another piece that is great for layering to keep you warm on cold winter days. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2KBVzbx

10. Ag Field Office
The view on the back of our Ag Field Office tee is one that all farmers and ranchers know well as this is their office view. This tee celebrates the open-air office with a great picture of a truck parked in the middle of a field on the back. Click here to shop: http://bit.ly/2KzXygJ


Lisa Carle:

I bought a pair of shoes from you and you said they would ship in February. The were leopard print and I am just checking to see when in February they will ship. Thank You

Feb 20, 2019

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