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Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads are funny because they won’t ever tell us exactly what they want when it comes to holidays. Often time, they say, “I just want time with the family,” which is not a lie by any means. But, when it comes to your dad who has taught you countless life lessons and had your back since day one, “time with the family” just doesn’t feel like enough. Once again, we are here to make the Father’s Day gift search a little easier for you. Take a look at some of our picks below and get your orders in early to have your gifts in time for Father’s Day, June 16.

Local Farmer // $22
Whether Dad is a farmer himself or just enjoys supporting the farmers in the community, our Local Farmer tee will be a homerun gift for him. Available in small – 3X.
Local Farmer t-shirt

Dog Hunter Silhouette // $22
Dad’s best friend and his favorite hunting partner, his dog. If your dad is a hunter, he is sure to be a fan of our Dog Hunter Silhouette tee. Available in small – 3X.
Dog Hunter t-shirt

Fishing Sign // $22
Dad’s favorite pastime featured on a t-shirt. What more do you need in a gift for Dad? Available in small – 3X.
Fishing Sign men's t-shirt

Make Farming Great Again // $24
We don’t carry many designs over from season to season, but we make an exception for this tee because of its popularity among Turnrows shoppers. Dad is sure to love this one as well, so grab one while they are in stock. Available in small – 3X.
Make Farming Great Again t-shirt

Logo Flag // $22
Often time, dad prefers his tees to be simple and to the point. Our Logo Flag tee is a great go-to when seeking out a simple shirt. The red, white, and blue shows his American pride while the Turnrows logo helps him show his love for Turnrows! Available in small – 3X.
Turnrows Logo American Flag t-shirt

Turnrows Panel Embroidery Hat // $28
Speaking of simple, another great, simple go-to is our panel embroidery hat. The mesh back will keep his hat cool whether he’s out in the field or out on the town, and the structured fit lends to a more complete look. This will be Dad’s new favorite hat! Available in heather gray, loden, and navy.




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