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Graduate Gift Guide

Springtime always feels like a fresh start to everything. Farmers are planting seed in the ground to begin yet another crop year, fresh flowers are popping up everywhere, and baby animals are being born on the farm. It truly is the season of fresh beginnings.

Another new beginning we see in the spring is high school and college graduations. Many may see this as the ending of a chapter, but it’s really the beginning of something so much bigger. Whether that be preparing to leave for the college or trade school of their dreams or starting their career following graduation, students all over are preparing to set out on new adventures. As they begin these new adventures, gifts are often in order. We have created a list of our favorite tees that will be perfect gifts for any of this year’s graduates.

Family Name // $24
The back of this tee states “Be true to who you are and the family name you bear.” This tee will be a perfect reminder for graduates to always stay true to themselves no matter where they go in life. Available in small – 3X.

God Made a Farmer // $22
The famous “God Made a Farmer” speech by Paul Harvey, first delivered at the 1978 National FFA Convention, is still loved by all through agriculture. Whether they grew up in agriculture and/or are going into the agriculture field, this tee will be great for all graduates! Available in small – 3X in red and gray.
God Made a Farmer t-shirt

American Farmer // $24
Maybe they grew up on a farm, maybe they are planning to farm later on, or maybe they just have the utmost respect for the American farmers who work 365 days a year to provide us with food, fiber and fuel. Whatever it may be, this tee will be loved by all. Available in small – 3X. 

Happiness is Homemade // $29
As graduates begin new chapters, they will face moments of discomfort and uncertainty. This tee is the perfect reminder that even in the tough moments, we are in charge of our happiness. Available in small – 2X.
Happiness is Homemade

Small Town Gingham // $22
This is another tee that will serve as a great reminder of their roots. Small town life forever holds a special place in people’s hearts no matter where they go in life. Available in small – 2X.

Farmer’s Daughter // $24
There’s a level of pride that comes with being a farmer’s daughter. You’re proud of your mom and/or dad because you came to understand firsthand the work they do by tagging along on the farm and working with them sun up to sun down. Farmers’ daughters can pay homage to these roots as they start a new adventure. Available in small – 2X.
Farmer's Daughter t-shirt

Classic Mesh Back Hat // $24
Keep the heat off with the adjustable snap back legacy brand trucker hat. The mesh back will keep your head cool and dry out, and the embroidered Turnrows logo lends a simple feel to this instant favorite. Available in green, khaki, maroon, navy, and woodland.




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