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Picks of the Month - June 2018

We love all of our shirts and hats, but we do have a few that we’re partial to. As we release new designs and move into different seasons of the year, those favorites change a little. We have compiled a few of our current favorites into a list to help you add a few more summer essentials to your closet. Check them out and click the links to shop!

Rooted in the Country // $20

Whether you’re living in the country now or you grew up there and have since moved away, you can’t deny your roots will forever be in the country.

Home is Where the Herd is // $29/$31

We know the old saying is ‘home is where the heart is,’ but let’s be honest. Home is actually where the HERD is. Available in a simple tee or a cold shoulder, this shirt definitely belongs in your closet!

Youth Country Strong// $18

Whether they’re playing outside, helping you out on the farm, or having fun on vacation, this is one tee your country strong kids should be wearing.

No Farms. No Food.  // $20

This shirt says it all. We are so thankful for our farmers and the long hours they put in to ensure we have food on our tables, clothes on our bodies, and roofs over our heads. Available in gray, red, and royal, 10% of all sales of this shirt will go toward Shooting Hunger in Tennessee.

Wild & Free Skull // $24

This tank top checks all the important things off the list for the perfect summer tank top. Keeps you cool in the hot sun? Check! Cute? Check! Comfy? Check! What more do you need? 

Make Farming Great Again // $24.99

Without a doubt, this shirt is one of our best sellers! Farming, agriculture, cultivation, land management, and ranching have been around since the beginning of time. Farming is a way of life that takes countless hours and continuous advancements to yield great results. Agriculturists work daily to make farming great.

Local Since Forever // $27

No matter where you claim your local status, this tank top is another perfect summer staple. Available in black and red.

Lake Days // $28/$30

For many, the word ‘summer’ means ‘ENDLESS lake time.’ The only other thing you need in your lake bag this summer is one of our Lake Days t-shirts or tank tops. The t-shirt is available in yellow and chambray in adult and youth sizes. The tank top is available in adult sizes in mint.

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