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Top Five Summer Activities

It’s officially summertime, so it’s time to take advantage of the long days, no school, and warm weather! As a company who supports and celebrates farmers + ranchers, we recognize that it can often be hard to sneak away from the farm, but when you have the chance, consider one of our favorite summer activities listed below.

1. FIND A SWIMMING HOLE. It’s hot outside, but there’s no need for you to be hot. Load up your friends and/or family and head off to a swimming hole in your area. A quick Google search for swimming holes in your state will help you discover fun places you had no idea existed. A great place to start your search is www.swimmingholes.org where you can search by state. Here are a few additional links that will help.
a. Arkansas (via Only in Your State): https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/arkansas/ar-swimming/
b. Texas (via Texas Monthly): https://www.texasmonthly.com/travel/nineteen-texas-swimming-spots/
c. Mississippi (via Only in Your State): https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/mississippi/must-visit-ms-swimming-holes/

2. THROW A BBQ. Does it get any better than having all of your favorite people come together to eat some burgers off the grill, have a few drinks, and just hang out? In our opinion, it really doesn’t. Finish off the BBQ with some homemade ice cream, and you’ll have the perfect summer gathering on your hands. Looking for some summer BBQ inspiration? Check out this link from delish.com for recipes, tips, tricks, and more: https://www.delish.com/bbq-recipes/

3. VISIT A U-PICK TO PICK SOME BERRIES + PEACHES. This is a great opportunity to pick some fruit for yourself and get to know the farmers who grew the tasty berries and peaches. They will always be willing to answer your questions and help you find ways to use your newly picked harvest. Visit www.pickyourown.org to find a u-pick farm near you.

4. GO FISHING. Grab your swimming pole, find a good shade tree to sit under, or hop in your boat, and catch a few fish. It’s a quiet, relaxing activity that will make you wish for summer to never end.

5. TAKE A LAST-MINUTE ROAD TRIP. Picture this. You suddenly realize you’re going to have a few free days. You load up the car and just go. You can head north, south, east, or west, where ever your heart desires. Eat at hole-in-the-wall local restaurants, visit fun and new attractions, and just enjoy the open road for a few days. Are you now longing for a spontaneous road trip? You’re welcome.

Don’t forget to shop Turnrows’ amazing tees, tanks, and hats for men, women, and youth as you enjoy your summer. Happy summer everyone!




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